Thomas Isaac Goodine

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My name is Thomas Isaac Goodine and I'm a bartender. Bartending is one of my many passions, and I can say with confidence that I'm quite good at it. I'm proficient at mixology, flare, menu design and of course, probably the most important skill for the bartender; being able to talk to anyone about anything. 

I also try to incorporate my other passions into my work. I have an artistic side which means I'm a musician, writer, and visual artist; I try to use these abilities to think about my style of bartending, and my personal take on what cocktails are all about. 

I'm a science student, excelling in Psychology, Chemistry, and Computer Science. I try to think about the psychology behind all the things we experience at bars; from what the guests perceive the moment they walk into the bar, to the experiences they have when they imbibe. From a chemical perspective, mixology, as a culinary art is very much related to other culinary arts like baking, or molecular gastronomy, which have obvious shared traits with chemistry; but also from the side of the production of alcohol itself, chemistry is forever present. And finally computer science. Computers, the internet, and technology in general is becoming an ever more relevant part of our lives. I always try to think of ways to incorporate technology into bartending. It can be as simple as keeping a microblog on twitter, or instagram, and encouraging guests to be part of a dialogue with me and the company. Or it can be more about the greater conversation of bartenders, hospitality workers, or liquor manufacturers that's going on in every corner of the internet.

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